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June 23, 2013 by Lydia Syson

I did wonder whether second novel covers might be like second babies.

Accompanying their gestation comes that sneaking anxiety that you’ll never be able to love the next quite as much as you loved the first.  So insidious, and yet, I’m delighted to say in both cases, so quickly overturned.

I couldn’t be luckier in my illustrator, Jan Bielecki, who has a genius for getting to the very heart of a book.  In the case of That Burning Summer, perhaps his Polish background made this easier than usual.  My romantic hero, Henryk, is a pilot who escapes Poland after the German and Soviet invasions of September 1939, and eventually finds himself in England, and in trouble.

As you can see, the new spine goes beautifully with that of A World Between Us, while the back cover is a work of art in itself.  A drumroll now for the ‘blurb reveal’, and of course, the now famous HOT KEY RING






And yes, in case you’re wondering, this is indeed the novel formerly known as Winged – you may have seen my ‘work-in-progress’ report on it for last year’s The Next Big Thing meme.


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