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Lydia Syson for blogLydia Syson is a fifth-generation North Londoner who now lives south of the river with her partner and four children. After an early career as a BBC World Service Radio producer, she turned from the spoken to the written word, and developed an enduring obsession with history. Her PhD about poets, explorers and Timbuktu was followed by a biography of Britain’s first fertility guru, DOCTOR OF LOVE: JAMES GRAHAM AND HIS CELESTIAL BED, and then two YA novels for Hot Key Books set in the Spanish Civil War (A WORLD BETWEEN US) and World War Two (THAT BURNING SUMMER). LIBERTY’S FIRE, a passionate tale of the Paris Commune of 1871, is the third of her novels to be inspired, very loosely, by family history: Lydia’s anarchist great-great-grandmother moved in Communard circles in late nineteenth-century London.

Lydia Syson is a National Literacy Trust trained author, and a Visiting Lecturer at City University, London.  She’s also a History Girl, and a member of CWISLSAS, and the SoA. From October 2015 she will be an RLF Fellow at the Courtauld Institute of Art.

Contact details:

Email Lydia at lydia.syson@hotkeybooks.com or follow her on Twitter: @lydiasyson

SCHOOL VISITS available for KS3, 4 & 5.  Lydia is also happy to participate in adult events, and talk to reading groups.

Catherine Clarke at Felicity Bryan Associates represents Lydia’s work for older children and adults.
Anne Clark at Anne Clark Literary Agency represents her work for children under seven.



  1. Phoebe says:

    oh no i can’t access the follow button

  2. Brian Durrans says:

    Hi Lydia
    I used to be a colleague of Luke’s at the BM and met you I think at KCL a few years ago at an event linked to the Culture of the Enlightenment MA course on which I still do a little teaching. Just came across this book you’ve written on the Spanish Civil War. Well done for that (from an old Communist). My own are no longer young enough but I’m sure I can find a teenage son or daughter of a friend to buy it for.
    Hope sales go stratospheric

    Best wishes

  3. Brigitte says:

    Hi Lydia
    I just read your old mails in a box… and find more recent news on the net. I m sure i will get a chance to read all that. All the best to you !

  4. Seda says:

    hi Lydia,
    I have just ordered both of your books on line and I can’t wait to read them. Well done on recieving such amazing reviews too. I hope the kids are well :) All the best!
    Seda-the au-pair

  5. Peter Collins says:

    Hi, Lydia. A search for Lewis Clive brought me to your pages. Like you, I read Richard Baxell’s excellent and horrifying Unlikely Warriors and came across the name of this unusual IB’er. I wonder if you know much more about him or could point me in the direction of any literature about him. Thanks. Peter

  6. Peter Collins says:

    Reply received; very grateful.

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