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  1. The Comfort of Fellow Writers


    October 31, 2013 by Lydia Syson

    Today marks my first ever contribution to a blog that I’ve found both addictive and invaluable for the past few years.  I’ve written a guest post called ‘Guilty Pleasures’ about the influence of 1940s films on the writing of That Burning Summer, for ‘An Awfully Big Blog Adventure – the ramblings of a few scattered authors‘.    keep reading

  2. The Next Big Thing


    December 5, 2012 by Lydia Syson

    Yes, yes, I know writers are meant to be a lonely lot, isolated in far-flung garrets of angst-ridden creativity. Actually, the children’s writing community is as welcoming and inclusive a place as you could ever hope to find yourself.  Hence The Next Big Thing – a kind of chain blog in which no curses are threatened if you don’t pass it on, but writer after writer has the keep reading

“A mesmerising portrait of a family unravelling” THE TIMES (Best historical fiction in 2018)

“Powerful, intense and beautiful” HISTORICAL NOVEL REVIEW

“This tense, evocative, richly-imagined novel conjures the voices of a strange time and place, and makes them universal” EMMA DARWIN

“Syson brings history alive” THE OBSERVER

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