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  1. Channel Radio Competition


    November 13, 2013 by Lydia Syson

    Romney Marsh’s 24/7 radio station, Channel Radio, and Kent law firm Gullands are offering a copy of Romney Marsh set THAT BURNING SUMMER in a Twitter competition.  Just follow @Gullands_HR_Law with #businessbunker (that’s the name of the programme) and look forward to the announcement of the winner on Tuesday 4th Feb. (Thanks to Amanda Finn!)



  2. Book Genes


    August 5, 2013 by Lydia Syson

    Every book has its own peculiar literary heritage, a kind of textual DNA that can be as hard to map as the Genome Project. I’m in danger of muddling my metaphors here, but I thought I’d write today about some of the book genes that have fed into That Burning Summer, books I first read or had read to me so long ago they were half-forgotten when I started writing this new novel.  I was vaguely conscious of a few of these influences from the outset; others gradually dawned on me as I wrote, or have even been revealed since. keep reading

“A mesmerising portrait of a family unravelling” THE TIMES (Best historical fiction in 2018)

“Powerful, intense and beautiful” HISTORICAL NOVEL REVIEW

“This tense, evocative, richly-imagined novel conjures the voices of a strange time and place, and makes them universal” EMMA DARWIN

“Syson brings history alive” THE OBSERVER

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